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Wiener Dog Races

The Running of the Wieners

Just when we thought the action at Oktoberfest Northwest had reached a pinnacle...

Oktoberfest Northwest presented by MetroPCS  is proud to announce the 6th annual Running of the Wieners.

On Sunday, October 6, take your place alongside the track at Longbody Acres at Oktoberfest Northwest and cheer for the dashing dachshund of your choice! Starting at noon, daschunds of all shapes and sizes (well, okay, all sizes anyway...probably only the one shape) will compete in various races and competitions.

The races are organized by Wiener Tales, who have extensive experience in all aspects of the game. We're extremely grateful to have them as a part of our team- we know enough to stick to the bratwurst side of "hot dogs!"

Do you have a dachshund who'd like to sprint their way to glory? Click here for details and to pre-register!


















NOTE: The ONLY pets allowed on grounds at Oktoberfest NW are wiener dogs participating in the races, and only on Sunday. Additional pets will not be allowed in. Participating dogs will have a pass- please leave all other animals at home!






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